Parent Teacher Conferences and Their Importance

By corey bruns

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Tuesday Oct 2 and Wednesday Oct 3 Francis Howell North held Parent Teacher Conferences in the large gym from 4:30-8:00 p.m.

“I always like to go to the Parent Teacher Conferences to meet all of my kids new teachers and see how they are doing in their classes.” Chris Sommer, parent of a FHN student, said.

Every year at Francis Howell North parents and teachers meet to discuss the progress of the students. This first conference of the year is always held in the school’s big gym. While this is a bit loud with so many teachers and parents talking at once, it is much easier for the parents who tend to get lost walking around the school.

“I have always hated going to Parent Teacher Conferences, but with all of my teachers right next to each other it was pretty easy and fast,” FHN student Maleya Schmidt said.
Parent Teacher Conferences allows the teachers to talk to the parents and discuss the student’s progress through first semester.  If the student is struggling in a class, this conference early in the year gives the parents an opportunity to learn how the class is organized and taught so they can better direct their student’s home studies.  Most importantly, this conference opens up the line of communication between parents and teachers.
“It was cool being able to talk to your teachers outside of school and seeing what you can do to help your grades.” FHN student, Brittany Sommer said.

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