Mr. FHN Raises Funds for American Cancer Society

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Multimedia package by Kendra Kelch and Zach Young

Friday, May 16, 10 FHN students competed in an all-male beauty pageant in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Using new and more creative ideas to fundraise, the competitors far exceeded their goal of $2,000 by about $700 and an added $300 of their own winnings from the night.

“There were a lot of ways people tried to raise money for Mr. FHN,” senior Michael Beever said. “I tried to use as much creativity as I could.”

The competition was scored by how much money each student raised. 10 points to the highest amount and one to the lowest. Michael Beever won with a grand total of $1100 raised. Students enjoyed his method of fundraising nearly every day for a month prior to the competition.

“He ‘stole’ all my money with his delicious homemade cookies,” senior Jimmy Higgins said.

Michael and his nine opponents were not only expected to come up with their own means of fundraising, but also had to attend two practices every week for a month before the competition in order to learn a group dance, rehearse their performances, and even practice changing in a four minute time constraint.

“We are all very busy and it was hard to find time to practice,” senior STUCO member and head of Mr. FHN Rowan Pugh said. “But the boys were all very passionate about getting ready for the competition.”

In this competition, like any other beauty pageant, the boys had to begin with an opening group performance followed by casual wear, formal wear with escorts, abd finally an individual talent.

“I really liked Collin Witte’s Fowler roast,” Higgins said. “Fowler is my favorite teacher and it was really funny to see him get roasted.”

Next year, STUCO plans to see more performances from students like Witte. Like every year, all FHN boys are encouraged to participate.

“Guys should get involved because it’s a friendly competition,” Mr. FHN contestant Austin Franzen said. “even if you mess up it’s just for fun and it’s for charity.”

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Mr. FHN Raises Funds for American Cancer Society