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Three Things You Can Do Over Spring Break

March 20, 2017

Spring break is a time for vacations to the beach. However, if you stay in town, what will you do? From this video, you will get...

DIY Saint Patrick’s Day Rice Crispy Treats

March 17, 2017

Saint Patricks Day is here and a time to celebrate with a tasty snack. For these easy to make treats you will need 8 cups of lucky...

Awaken Project Encourages Students to Make the Right Decision Regarding Heroin

March 16, 2017

On March 10 the Awaken Project visited FHN to inform students on the dangers of taking different illegal drugs such as heroin....

FHNtodayTV – March 14

March 14, 2017

On this edition of FHNtodayTV, anchors, Brayton Larson and Kelsey Decker bring you a few interesting stories from the month including:...

Snow Factory Brings a New Experience to St. Louis

March 8, 2017

The Snowfactory is based in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis. The shop specializes in Thai ice cream that starts as a liquid and is ...

Nationally Ranked Spelling Bee Contestant, Uma Upamaka

March 8, 2017

Uma Upamaka is a freshman at Francis Howell North as well as a nationally ranked speller around the world. She has been spelling...

Sohail Update

March 7, 2017

A check up on what Sohail Jchaj has been up to.  In December of 2015 Sohail dropped his first mixtape, "Im an Only Child".  Since...

2/25 STL LGBTQIA March [Photo Story]

2/25 STL LGBTQIA March [Photo Story]

March 6, 2017

On Feb. 25, the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ March & Rally took place. The march lasted from 12-4 p.m. The starting point for the...

Renewed Treasures Offers a Unique Experience for All

March 6, 2017

Although there are many thrift shops around, Renewed Treasures offers a unique shopping experience. The shop promotes a sense...

Knights of the Round Table Ceremony Honors Students

March 3, 2017

On Feburary 23, ninety nine students were given the Knights of the Round Table award. This award is one given to any student of...

FHN Student Opinions on the Closing of Club Penguin

March 3, 2017

After 11 years, Club Penguin is sadly coming to an end on March 29th. Club Penguin is closing because they don't have as many...

The Student News Website of Francis Howell North High School.