Mrs. Hill-A passion for triathlons

Some strive to be great dancers, some aspire to be actresses, musicians, or pro athletes, but for Karen Hill, first year Chemistry teacher at North it is the sheer thrill

of running, biking, and swimming in triathlons that she longs for.
Hill has just competed in her second triathlon this past summer, and has realized how much she enjoys the pressures of competing and the benefits it gives to her body.
“Swimming is the scary part, during that part I pray a lot,” Hill said. “The bike, you really use your legs and there is a lot more strategy involved, your legs get an incredible workout. The run is just sheer pounding.”
A triathlon can be a short course, which consists of a quarter mile swim, 13-mile bike, and 2.5 mile run. A triathlon can also be a long course, which involves swimming one mile, biking for 26 miles, and running 6.4 miles. Participants compete in categories by age.
“When you do something like a triathlon at the age of 45 it gives you a sense of control over your destiny,” Hill said. “You can choose how good of shape you are in.”

In order to participate in a triathlon, the athlete must continue non-stop preparation. Hill prefers to run to stay in shape, but also uses jazzercise as a unique method of training. She teaches classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings.
“The dedication it takes to prepare is incredible,” Kim Coil, a member of Hill’s jazzercise class and history teacher said. “The dedication she has, the hours she puts in, and her ambition to do [triathlons] is amazing. It is so much training and on top of that she fits in school everyday, has a family to take care of, and teaches these [jazzercise] classes.”

It was her husband, Gary, who got Hill started and he is still running in triathlons with her. They train together almost every morning, beginning at 4:30, and they hope to get their two sons involved someday.
Hill has a passion, and it has taught her how to take control of her life. The triathlons represent something she does in her life that she can cherish forever. Memories of winning 5th place at her first race will always remind her of what she has accomplished, and she will always have the benefits of a healthy body.
“I continue to stay in shape. I always remember if you don’t have something to go for, then it just won’t get done,” Hill said.