Senior’s injury causes

Two seniors. Two boys. Two football players. One sports related injury.

One more extensive than the other. One defying the odds.
“The chances were better that I get hit by lightning than to tear my ACL again,” senior David Kowalewski said.

Kowalewski and one of his teammates both tore their ACL or anterior cruciate ligament during their last year of playing high school sports.
“I just landed straight-legged,” Senior Jon Horton said. “My leg got bent back so it was hyper-extended and it had twist at the same time. I also tore my meniscus and I had a hairline fracture to my tibia.“

Horton’s injury took place during the first football game of the last season that Horton would ever play for the Knights.
“I felt horrible,” Horton said. “The worst part is watching your team out there, especially when they are struggling, and not be able to help them.”

Horton was unable to play the rest of the season. Fortunately, his fellow teammate’s injury wouldn’t take place for another couple of weeks.
“I missed out on getting to play basketball for the second time due to ACL injuries,” Kowalewski said. “[Tearing my ACL again] was probably the worst feeling I’ve had because knowing all the work you did to get back the first time to fail and have to start off on square one.”

Kowalewski had torn his ACL for the second time in just two years. This time he tore it when he stopped and started to turn. Even that wasn’t enough to stop Kowalewski from playing the games he enjoys so much. He played soccer in ninth and tenth grades, basketball in ninth and tenth grades, football eleventh and twelfth grades and ran track all four years of high school.
“It’s difficult their senior season,” Football Coach, Mike Parker said. “They are expecting so many great things and they come out and tear their ACLs. It’s really tough as a coach because you want so much for all of your players.”

Both Horton and Kowalewski were team captains this past football season. Even through all of their trails and tribulations, the athletes kept good sportsmanship and supported their school and their team.
“I still went to all of the games even though I couldn’t play,” Horton said. “Well, all except for the one that I was in surgery during.”