Shoemake shows individuality

She’s different.
This is the thought that runs through her head as she stares at herself in the mirror.

The reflection stares back, eyes open and aware, though covered by squared glasses.
Kacey Shoemake cracks a smile.
She doesn’t like her name. It’s much too common and she doesn’t like to be common. She likes that she’s different.

The uncommon girl smoothes out her hair, attempting to calm the mess.
That’s different too.
Half of her head, dyed a bright white-blond, sits in deep contrast to the other half: inky black.
The uncommon color causes many to stare at her as she walks down the hall of her high school.
“I like it,” She says.
And that’s that.
She’s the girl that voices her opinions on things ranging from politics to new fashion trends. Opinions thoughts and choices about music and religion.
Music, another uncommon thing.

She prefers the hard rock of a Japanese band rather then the hot new music on the radio, simply feeling it’s better.
She looks away from her uncommon reflection to dress.
She likes the feeling of a simple band T-shirt and pants, but not forgetting to add her own touch. A touch setting her apart from the girl in her third hour.
She rummages through her drawer as she searches for the touch.

Her bottle cap belt.
She smiles happily that she has found it and fastens it on, completing the uncommon look.
She’s ready to go.
She feels it’s going to be a good day. She thinks this as she grabs her Willy Wonka backpack and casts one last look into the mirror. She sees Kacey Shoemake, a girl who is her own person, staring back at her.

She’s satisfied.
She’s uncommon and she knows it. She wouldn’t have it any other way.