Writing helps Rodgers describe her feelings

She’s done it ever since she was little. Tell stories. Write books. Create characters. It’s become more of a passion for her than a simple hobby that has expanded ever since childhood.
“[I’ve been writing] since I was five,” junior Caryn Rodgers said. “It wasn’t serious writing, I started with picture books. I was bored and I really didn’t have anyone to hang out with or anything to do, so I picked up a pencil and started drawing pictures. I was five, so I didn’t want anything I had to think about.”

While her reason for starting was simple, according to some, her writing ability and her genre of writing has grown from simple picture books to short stories, essays and poetry.
“Caryn is an outstanding writer, because she tells it how it is, but has the remarkable ability to be sensitive and a likeable writer and person,” 11th-grade English teacher Dawn Jones said. “So, her message gets out and has a stronger effect than only being one or the other.”

In the sometimes hectic world of high school, Caryn finds comfort in her writings that help maintain stability in her life.
“[Why I like writing] is really hard to sum up,” Caryn said. “I guess it’s just that when you’re a teenager, you’re scrambling for control over what you can, and since I can’t control my own life, I’d rather control the lives of my characters.”

Recently, after reading a short speech she wrote on ‘Conformity in high school’ at the Coffeehouse, Caryn was awarded with a unique opportunity.
“I was at the Coffeehouse reading something I’d written and after everyone had finished, this lady came up to me and said she was a representative from Lindenwood and asked if she could use my story in a Creative Writing course.” Caryn said.

While she has yet to hear back on the results of that opportunity, she has been busy with other small projects, including a story she’s working on with her twin sister Casey.
“Her [writing] is better than mine,” Casey said. “I don’t mind saying it. She’s just a lot better. Hers is a lot more detailed and all that jazz. I really like it. I read it all the time. I don’t usually tell her that, but I do. Mostly because she’d laugh at me.”

Despite the compliments, Caryn still has some criticisms of her writing. “I think that writing should be for the benefit of the person, so I don’t try too hard. I write what I feel.”

While her goals at one time were to be a professional writer, recently her goals have changed, and she now looks forward to going to college and majoring in business in order to open a bookshop with her mom and sister.
“I think that getting paid for what I do would have to mean that I’d have to write for other people,” Caryn said. “And I don’t want to do that. I write for me, and I don’t want to give that up.”