Homecoming parade gets mixed reviews

On October 1st it would have been diffcult to get through McClay and Hackmann road because of the homecoming parade which started at 4:30 p.m and went till 4:50.

There was a total of about 23 floats. They consisted of members from the german club, T.A.S.C, the anime club, the freshmen football team, cheerleaders, sports mangement, the powder puff players, knightline, deca, and the homecoming courts.

Catherine Burke a freshmen said, ” the only bad thing about the parade was that it wasn’t long enough and there wasn’t enough floats.”

Brea Holmes a freshmen said, ” a good thing about the parade was that the people in the parade got to chuck candy at the people watching.”

The parade got everyone pumped up for the powder puff football game, the varsity homecoming game, and the homecoming dance which will take place later that week.

Alana Eisenbeis a junior said, ” the parade was short but fun.”