Homecoming promises fun

  With the big dance just two days away, StuCo is working furiously to finish their movie-themed Homecoming set. With cutouts of movie stars, a city sky line, extra tents and two spot lights to assemble, the Homecoming committees are in for a busy couple of nights.

But, thanks to devoted committee-members like Nia Payne, StuCo has a leg up: they’ve been working since mid-August.

  Payne believes that their long hours before and after school will pay off on Homecoming night.

  “When you go into the gym, it’s pretty grand…You feel like an adult,” Payne said.

  Payne said the decorations committee wants to eliminate dead space, which can be boring. She said part of the $8,000 budget went to bigger tents and fans.

  StuCo hopes to make this event a special one, especially for freshmen or other students who have never been to a high school dance.

  “The refreshments are wonderful, not like in middle school when you get a cup of water, and the class hallways really set the tone for the dance,” Payne said.

  The process of creating this Hollywood atmosphere took a brief break on Sept. 17 when co-sponsor Jani Wilkens gave birth to her first daughter, Anica. The sole responsibility for the dance committees fell on co-sponsor Shelly Grimshaw who said StuCo has done an impressive job adjusting.

  Grimshaw said StuCo will offer alternative entertainment at Homecoming.

  “They will be playing a movie in the refreshment room,” Grimshaw said, “so the kids who don’t like to dance or don’t want to be in that crazy environment have another option.”

  But StuCo’s involvement in Homecoming didn’t stop at the dance. Stuco’s innagural Homecoming parade stomped through Hackmann Road yesterday, with more than 15 clubs represented.

  Just like any struggling movie star, StuCo has faced many challenges in putting this Homecoming together. But, after all the hard work, StuCo hopes to enjoy a “Hollywood Knight.”