Leadership must set high bar for those to come

On Homecoming night, I walked into what use to be the smelly wrestling room and was surprised to see people watching Grease,

eating from the chocolate fountain, and filling their faces with buttery, movie-style popcorn.
Part of the reason I was so surprised was because I led the committee that made this room a success. I led the group from the start of planning back in August until the night of the dance, unwrapping the food right before the students arrived.

As Parliamentarian of Student Council, I knew I had large shoes to fill and a year to show my understanding of what a true leader is entitled to do.
A leader should set the standard bar high for themselves and not lower that bar for others in order for others to follow in their footsteps. That way high standards are set and the leaders are setting an example for all the leaders to come. I want my committee, staff, or team to be proud of their own accomplishments and strive for their personal best and the best of others.

I always strive for the best not only in myself, but also in others. I want people to try their best. That is what a leader does. A leader pushes and strives to have his/her followers work hard and try their hardest. In everything I do, whether it’s being a leader of my dance team or captain of my soccer team or editor of the school newspaper, I have pushed myself as well as my followers to new levels and always strived for my and their best. I don’t expect anything less of anyone. My leadership qualities are what set me apart and make me a good leader that others like to follow and work with.
I used this understanding of leadership and past experiences of being a leader to help me lead my Homecoming committee’s Plain-Jane gymnasium to a full-blown movie theatre.