Oktoberfest brings fun activities

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German Club will host Oktoberfest from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 18 in the Commons.

Oktoberfest is the first of three foreign holiday related activities held by the foreign language clubs, preceding French Club’s Mardi Gras and Spanish Club’s Cinco de Mayo.

Oktoberfest will feature popular activities including dancing, a limbo competition, door prizes, and a large, intense game of musical chairs.

“The musical chairs is pretty wicked,” Anne McPartland, the German teacher and Club sponsor, said. “They [the students] enjoy the food and prizes. Anything they can consume, really.”

This year German exchange students will attend Oktoberfest. They tend to bring with them more students than usual, who want the chance to talk to the exchange students in a more informal situation than school presents. McPartland is optimistic about the attendance.

“When the German students are here we usually get a better turn out,” McPartland said. “With the three clubs I’m hoping for 100-150 kids there. [But] I’ll have a good time if there’s only 12 kids there.”

The event will feature DJ Frau-Mix-Alot, McPartland’s alter ego, and music in both German and English. Her description of a fun event matches that of Dave Fritz’s, the French teacher and Club sponsor.

“I just think it’s an opportunity for people to come hang out with friends in other language clubs and just be goofy and have a good time,” Fritz said.

It costs $2 for Foreign Language Club members to get in, and $4 for non-club members to enter. German Club met Sept. 19 to discuss the organization of the event.

Club officers will be given larger responsibilities than club members, such as organizing the food and music. Regular members will be given things to do like decorating, cleaning up the Commons, and bringing food. German Club members take on most of the organization tasks, while French and Spanish

Club members are usually given things to bring such as soda and napkins.

Sophomore Vice President Edward Fieseler went to Oktoberfest last year and thought it was “awesome”. This year he is again looking forward to the cultural awareness event.

“It’s a different experience, and a view of a different culture,” Fieseler said. “We try to set up a real German atmosphere. Minus the booze.”

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