A look in the past can turn a life around

    “Hi, I am six. I am 4’3” tall, my hair is brown, my favorite color is pink, and my name is Princess Amy E-lizard-Beth Qualls.”
    Obviously I’m not 4’ 3” tall, and I’m not royalty, but not too long ago, I thought I was.
    About three Sundays ago, I spent hours looking through old photos in hopes of finding pictures for my senior ad.

    I came across a poster that read “My very own poster all about ME.” On the front was a Polaroid of myself twelve years ago. I had my Lion King T-shirt on, and a bowl cut that made me look like a little boy, and my moms lip stick smudged over my six-year-old lips.
    I made the poster when I was six and at that time all that was on my mind was ponies, kickball, and candy, and I still believed in the boogeyman.
    Now I’m 18.
    I am a senior in high school, mapping out my future college life, and thinking about scholarships.
    This is why it’s important to look back; I saw who I was when I was innocent and unchanged by the world. And after seeing myself like that I realized that the person I am now is just a shadow of the person I should strive to be. I realized that when how I’d changed into the person I am today. And remembering helped me really understand who I am today.
    Since that look into the past that Sunday afternoon, I’ve tried to turn my life around  by doing the little things that mater every day.
    I think more people should look back at those innocent years of gumdrops and gummy worms, and find out what kind of person they were, are, and should be.
    Hi, I am 18. I’m six feet tall, brown and golden highlighted hair, my favorite color is hot pink, and now I just go by Amy E.