Shewmaker’s love for coffee turns into obsession

    To coffee connoisseurs and beverage experts, coffee is classified under a sweet, not bitter, drink. It is said to have over 900 “flavor compounds” and can be one of the greatest things to hit your tongue. If it’s good.

    Drinking bad coffee and categorizing all coffee as “disgusting”, is like eating old minced meat and expecting steak. You can’t say that coffee is bad if all you have ever had is instant coffee, or gas station java. These are, normally, horrible ways to begin your experiences with coffee.

    I think my first experience with coffee began when I was too young to remember. My parents have always made coffee, every morning, before they left for work. I decided I wanted to try some from my dad’s cup. He drinks his coffee black, so you can imagine a 3rd grader taking a sip of that bitter drink. It didn’t turn out well. So, I went to try my mom’s cup, because I knew she put cream and sugar in hers. That is where my obsession began.

    How could two cups of the same drink taste so completely different, yet be so similar. My parents didn’t like me drinking coffee when I was young, but when I got to middle school, I started my day off with a cup of joe every morning.

    This started my climb towards coffee paradise. I love the random visit to the coffee shop to get an Irish Cream Latte as much as the next guy, but I can also shoot espresso shots and drink a good cup of black coffee too.

    This passion for coffee has made me realize why I should probably cut back. Anytime someone is dependent on something this much, it can lead to hazardous side effects. Of course I probably won’t stop drinking coffee because I love it so much.