Working at a restaurant teaches life lessons

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Everyone should work in a restaurant at least one time in his or her life. I feel people look down on servers, bussers, cooks, and hostesses because when it’s mentioned that a person works at a restaurant they usually get a negative reaction. Other people make restaurant employees feel inferior because they assume our job is so easy, but it’s really not. I’m a busser at Pepperstone Steakhouse and gets very tiring lifting heavy things all the time like bus tubs full of dirty dishes. To work in a restaurant, no matter what kind, it takes a lot of organization, memorization and teamwork.

One mess up can effect the function of all the employees. People don’t always understand that we can’t do everything perfect. They don’t understand that a restaurant employee can make mistakes too, but just because we make mistakes doesn’t mean the customer has to blow up in our faces and tell us our service is poor or that our tip is reducing as they speak.
I remember one time a man and his wife and friends came into the restaurant and ordered steaks. The man sent his steak back twice because it wasn’t cooked the way he liked it, but even his wife said it was delicious. Finally the man stormed back into the kitchen area and threw his plate at the cook and told him it was the worst steak ever. The plate broke and food went everywhere. The cook was fine, but we had to ask the man to leave.
We have our off days too, just like managers and presidents in corporate offices. It doesn’t mean that these off days will occur every time. We work hard to get where we are, we work hard to please other people, and we also work hard to do the jobs that a lot of people underestimate.
Working at a restaurant is not as easy as pie, as some people would say. It takes devotion, heart, and determination to continue on after you have messed up an order. I think people deserve second chances, and that includes everyone in the restaurant business.

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