Do us all a favor; it’s time to get a room

With today being Valentine’s Day, the editorial staff decided to bring something up that has been a problem at North for quite a while. Although it’s listed as a serious offense in the student handbook, anyone is practically guaranteed to see some Public Displays of Affection while walking through the halls at North.

Don’t think we’re a bunch of prudes who freak out every time we see couples kissing in the hall, but enough is enough. Giving your loved one a quick peck as you say goodbye before class is on a completely different level compared to a couple who are groping or caressing each other against another student’s locker.

Although one can find many subjects to concern themselves at school, we’re all still here for one primary reason: to learn. The extent of affection being shown by couples at North is creating more problems than ever before. Many students are consistently arriving late to class due to the time spent with their better halves in the halls. Other students are having trouble making their way to their own locker, while being forced into an awkward situation by having to ask a couple to slide over.

The best solution to this problem is simple. Students just need to act like it’s a concern for them. Rather than look past it and feel awkward yourself, why not make the situation awkward for the couple? The same goes for all of the teachers here at North. Rather than look past all the students that disgust you by sucking face in front of you, do something about it. We’re not saying every person who kisses someone at school should get a detention, but if their taking their relationship to the next level while at school, something probably needs to be done about it.

Other students and teachers are able to withstand the seven hour school day without getting their tobacco fix. Why can’t couples do the same? It’s plain and simple. Keep your hands to yourself while you’re at school, or don’t even come. Just get a room.