Don’t change yourself, better yourself

  Don’t change yourself better yourself.

  Life is hard when you don’t know who you are, because you’re always looking for answers. And you will accept answers from anyone, no matter how right they are. You wonder “who should I hang out with?” Well the only person who can answer that is you, but instead of trusting your gut you trust the crowd.

  You hang out with these “friends” of yours and they act different then you ever did. They do some things you have never dreamed of doing. They say some things you’d never say. But you don’t care, because your looking for answers, and these people have a lot.

  Suddenly you don’t know who you are. You’ve had all of your questions answered, but instead of feeling relieved you feel scared and alone.

  Your family calls you a ghost of who you once were.

  They actually know you.

  Your old friends stop trying to talk to you, because they are sick of your questions. They just want the old you back.

  You have changed.

  Instead of being happy with who you were, you hated yourself. And now you’re lost.

  Hope is still there.

  So many people go through this in their lives. They ask questions too. It is ok, you just have to do one thing:

  Better your self.

  You don’t need to change who you are, you just need to add on. Ask questions to people who know you and love you. Listen to them. And above all listen to your self.

  In high school, and in life it’s easy to try to change yourself. And ther are always reasons for wanting to do this. But you can’t ever successfully change yourself. You can only better yourself.