Electronics break up communication

  Without some sort of electronic, that is. Whether it’s texting, cell phones, MySpace, Facebook, you name it, everybody seems to be talking electronically. What happened to the good old days?

  You know, when if you wanted to talk to a friend, you went to their house and actually talked face to face? These new inventions are supposed to be good for us, but if you ask me, they’re pulling us farther and farther apart. I mean seriously, how close can you really be to someone when every time you’re together, she’s on the computer, you’re texting, both of you are on the phone, and neither of you are paying attention to the other.

  Our generation doesn’t know anything but this. We’re used to talking to anybody at any time of the day because of our thousands of means of communicating with each other.

  Some say that this is a great break-through in technology, but let me ask this. Is it really necessary? Of course not. People got along fine years ago with nothing but telephones. That was considered an incredible invention, and they were happy with it. Now that we have more, we’re not satisfied with it. No one thinks that they have enough and they never appreciate what they already have. These new inventions aren’t benefiting us, they’re making us greedier and less appreciative.

  I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of these things too, or that I don’t text a bit too much every once in a while, or even that it’s wrong to splurge and buy one of those must-have electronics. I’m just saying that technology is not the most important thing out there.

  Take a while to spend some quality time with your friends and family, before you realize that you know your computer and cell phone better than you know them.