It’s still my word: Learning from the past, looking towards the future

  I feel old. Granted, I know I’m not. Within the context of my parents or grandparents, 17 seems quite young. But when I look back at the past three years of high school, and all of the things I’ve been through and learned… yeah…

  I feel quite old.

  I know that I still have a lot to learn, many miles to go and many things to see, and that I still have about 40 years before I can really call myself ‘old’, but it’s just that when I look back at what I’ve done, all my time here, all the clubs I’ve participated in, the classes I’ve taken, the things I’ve learned. The friends I’ve met, those I’ve lost, the tons of experiences I’ve had, all the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve learned something from them all.

  And mainly, I’ve learned to learn something from them. I’ve learned to take all of the experiences in my life with stride, to grin-and-bear it, and to take at least one lesson from it.

  Even through my freakishly bad luck, when the most ridiculous, disappointing and often times embarrassing things happen to me, I’ve learned to take something from it.

  Whether it’s ‘okay, next time you won’t walk backwards up the stairs’ or ‘maybe you should remove your foot from your mouth before you talk’ I’ve realized there’s always something to gain from the experience.

  And also, I’ve learned not to dwell in the past. Even though the past three years have flown by like months rather than years, I’ve learned that I can’t allow myself to be stuck in those memories because sooner than I realize, my future is coming and I have to prepare for that. I have to take what I’ve learned, and put it towards what’s coming next.

Take what you’ve learned in life, and put it towards whatever comes next.