Obsession leading away from things that matter most

 When I first started playing, it was for fun. Little did I know that it was going to turn into an obsession, a passion. Guitar Hero, you’ve heard of it and you’ve probably played it. But chances are you’ve haven’t played it like me. I suck at it, and I mean really, really suck at it.

 But it slowly became an obsession without my knowledge. I came home and played it for countless hours and felt a rush of joy when I completed a song without being booed off. I started to ditch my friends just so I could play it.
 Christmas rolled around and my parents got my sister Guitar Hero I and II. I think I was more excited than her to have it. Now not only did I have the challenge to beat the third one but the other two, too. I being completing all the songs on easy and thought I was on a roll. I started on medium a couple weeks ago and am still trying to finish all the songs.

            I know new trends may seem fun at the time but because of this “trend” I’ve gotten behind in homework and school, my sister even told me she knows people who stopped going to college classes to play.

            Liking something is great but becoming addicted to can become a danger. I know from experience that when you start getting obsessive, you can start to lose sight of the things that really matter.