Dunahue continues coaching despite retirement

Since he was four years old, Bob Dunahue has been in love with the game of baseball.

He just couldn’t get enough of it. Whether it was watching the Cardinals on T.V. or playing with his friends at the local ballpark, playing baseball was always his favorite thing to do.

“My dad had the Cardinals game on when I was four years old and instead of playing outside like other little kids, I stayed inside and watched the whole game,” Dunahue said. “I always asked my dad if there were any baseball games on, even in the winter.”

After 29 years of teaching in the Francis Howell School District, Dunahue has decided to step down from his teaching post in light of other young teachers. Nevertheless, he will continue to coach baseball for North even after he has left his classroom.

“I think he wants to continue coaching after he retires because baseball is a hard thing to give up,” varsity ballplayer Nick Woodson said. “Most people just can’t stop loving baseball.”

Dunahue played high school and college ball and was the only freshman on the Varsity team. His many years of baseball have helped his players on their way to the top and his love of the game keeps them excited and ready to play.

“My favorite part about having Dunahue as a coach is sharing the love for baseball,” varsity pitcher Shawn Spainhoward said. “We always have a good time during practices and games.”

Dunahue found his love for coaching after tearing his hamstring his senior year of college and started student teaching in the spring. His freshman baseball coach had him help with practice one day and that’s when it hit him.

“It was then I knew I was destined to be a coach,” Dunahue said. “I enjoyed it so much.”

Dunahue’s passion for baseball has made coaching a much more enjoyable experience for him, as well as his players.

“He’s been there and has done all the things we’re going through now,” Spainhoward said. “When you have that much passion for the game, it makes it easier to do it and enjoy it.”