The prospect of prom has students excited to get in shape

It’s almost April, the beginning of spring and the season where dress shops and tux rentals are full of teens preparing for the big night. Prom.

Yes, it’s good to be in shape to look perfect in that dress or tux, but despite what some may believe it does not take non-stop exercise or any fad diets to get there. For seniors Brittany Grieshaber and Lindsey Boville, all it takes is an hour and a half a day.

“What we are doing is twenty five minutes on the elliptical for warm-up, switch every other day between leg and arm workouts on the machines, at least 15 minutes of abs, and then we run the treadmill on high incline to build endurance,” Grieshaber said.

When just starting out it is important to start slow, so the body is not overworked.

“It is a good idea to start off slowly with some cardio, like a stairmaster or treadmill and then gradually work yourself up,” trainer Joe Bommarito said.

If weight loss is the ultimate goal, it is also important for the workouts to be consistent.

“If you work out every day and keep things consistent you burn more calories during the workout, leading to a loss of weight the healthy way, and tone up the target area,” Bommarito said

The best part is that workouts can be easy and done at home.

“Many people have gym like machines at home that can be used for workouts, but if not, simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches can tone up the body,” Bommarito said.

Workouts can also be done at a gym, like Greishaber and Boville choose to go to, but often gyms charge membership fees, which hold some back.
A good workout does not have to take up the whole day either.

“A good workout can be done in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. You get out what you put into it,” Bommarito said.

Getting fit the healthy way is easy, so why not start now so you, too can look good on the big night?