Roam, Woodson help team prosper as they sign at Merrimac

14 years ago two boys discovered their love of the game of baseball.

As kids they played together as rivals, in high school they worked together as teammates, and now they will come together once more in a new environment. The college environment. Seniors Nick Woodson and Jerry Roam will be traveling to Merimac University this fall and both will be playing baseball. Roam and Woodson have played at North throughout their high school careers, and two months ago they both signed to play at Merimac. Both were accepted.

“I would like to bring my work ethic with me,” Roam said. “That and I just want to continue playing consistently through college.”

Through their years of playing their beloved sport, both boys have had their fair share of support and encouragement. Their families have played a large part in their success as players.

“My mom and dad have been driving me to keep playing,” Woodson said. “They give a lot of support and help when I need it most.”

Their family’s influence extends far beyond that of support. They also serve as a source of inspiration for the boy’s passion to play.

“My older brother played and I would go and watch him play and practice,” Roam said. “My brother was a catcher but had to quit because of his knees.”

Going to Merimac together gives them an advantage since they have worked together in the past as teammates. This knowledge will serve in the future since they know how each other works.

“It’s going to be easier brining someone along I know, “ Roam said. “That way I’ll have someone there who knows what I’ll be going through and he’ll be right there with me.”

With the spring semester coming to a close, so do their high school careers. Now with the fall semester looming in the distance, both Roam and Woodson have laid the groundwork for a successful college one.

The boy’s high school baseball coach Bob Dunahue believes the boys will achieve this.

“Both boys are very good players,” Dunahue said. “Luckily they will be going to Merimac together and will continue their success as baseball players