Using music as an outlet Rivers expresses his dreams

On Thursday nights, coffee isn’t the only thing that draws people into a warm and friendly coffee house

on Main Street. It’s open mic. night, and of all the people who get up the guts to sing in front of the crowd, one individual stands out.
When Billy Rivers starts to sing a hush falls over the crowd; people watch him, listen to him, and sing along to his familiar songs.
“Kid’s got a good beat; he’s got heart,” Edwin Buchanan, a frequent visitor of the coffee house said.
Some believe that if Rivers continues in his music career he could go far, and have a career in music.
“Billy has a lot of talent and a lot of potential,” David Cattani, part time Picasso’s coffee house employee said. “If music is something he sticks with, he could end up all sorts of places. He could really go somewhere. There’s a chance he’ll be heard by the right person. Making it to the big time is pretty tough. Hard work and double luck.”
Rivers’ friends agree with Cattani along with other local fans. Rivers’ writes his own music, and he also practices and performs songs by his favorite artists. According to his friends, he is very passionate about his music.
“I pretty much try to come down here ever time Billy’s playing, which is usually like every other week,” explains 16-year-old Marcy Smith, Rivers’ girlfriend. “It makes me feel at home. It’s fun here, and I love the music. Plus, Billy Rivers is pretty much the coolest guy on the face of this planet!”
Friends and fans aren’t the only people who have faith in Rivers’ future. He has big plans for himself and his future career.
“I plan on majoring in music education and composition,” Rivers said. “Basically, I want to be able to write, play, and educate professionally in music.”
Everyone in the Rivers family is somehow involved in music. His parents encouraged him to do the same.
Rivers uses music not only as a hobby, but as an outlet.
“My music gives me a chance to express myself in a way that’s comfortable for me. I like the energy rush of performing; the adrenaline,” Rivers said.
“Billy is kind of a role model,” Smith said. “I look up to him, and I know a lot of other people do too.”