Santa and turkey: A not so healthy mix

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought the day Santa came to town was after the day when excessive amounts of turkey finds its way to our stomachs.  Thanksgiving as an important holiday to so many people in this country, so why are so many people overlooking it?

    A combination of media and corporate worlds push us into the money-making Christmas season. Stores fill with ornaments before Halloween, jolly music comes on the radio earlier and earlier, and malls and streets are decorated before Macy’s has time to start the parade.
    Thanksgiving is being pushed over by Christmas, apparently a more glamorous holiday. But really, it’s the commercial aspect of Christmas that puts it out of control. Both holidays have so much meaning to them, but neither get appreciated as they should. Whether it’s lack of interest or commercial pushover, they don’t get proper respect.
    Churches and non-profit organizations do everything they can to prevent this overtaking and bring to light what these holidays are really about. But for most of the country, that’s not enough.
    Every day, friends, families and coworkers need to put depth into the holidays they celebrate. Continue to play Secret Santa, but take a day to reflect together why the fun exchange even exists. Make a big dinner complete with all the trimmings, but sit down together as a family and talk about what you appreciate in life, not how the economy’s failing and you can’t take that cruise to the Caribbean.
    Really take the time to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. Have all the fun intended for the holiday, but make your own meaning for them, too. Find what you’re thankful for. Give to a charity. Love your family and friends, because although the 30% off sale at JCPenney’s on “Black Friday” is great, those you love are the people that make the holidays special.