Scooter Smiff makes his immature debut

Scooter Smiff, a 13 year old boy from Baltimore, is the newest, youngest rapper on the hip-hop scene. His career started when he met Chris Brown, and Scooter was featured in Brown’s performances for his phenomenal dancing skills.

His first single was released Nov. 11, titled “Head Of My Class” and it features Chris Brown. The song is now available on iTunes, along with the music video. The rap includes topics such as middle school, money, and of course, the girls.

It seems that Chris Brown adds that little something that makes the song what it is. I may like hip-hop and rap, but I didn’t enjoy listening to him. I think that for kids his age, they might love him, but for the older kids, they won’t because he raps about things that older kids just don’t listen to. Middle school life isn’t something a high school student wants to jam to.

Scooter Smiff’s debut album is coming out soon and his songs feature big-name artists like T-Pain and, of course, Chris Brown. So be on the look out for the new, young artist of the new, young era.