Secondhand Serenade review

 Coming back to wow us again, Secondhand Serenade released their second CD, “Awake,” and revamped and added many new songs to fans’ ever-growing collection of music.  “Awake” features twelve songs with two of the songs being new versions of songs off their first CD “A Twist In My Story.”

  The new songs on this CD feature more vocals and push the instrumental parts of the songs behind the voice.  It highlights John Vesely’s soft sound and makes the lyrics stand out more. 

      If you sit down and listen to the songs on “Awake,” they make you think.  Secondhand Serenade is not one of those bands that try to get their songs stuck in your head by making their lyrics catchy.  The music is so natural sounding you can concentrate on other stuff and at the same time enjoy listening to it.  Overall, this CD is great for anyone who likes Secondhand Serenade or acoustic music.