Firle learns from Cardinals Star

When everyone else gives up on you…Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has a lesson to teach that everyone can learn from.When you get cut from a sports team or have to ride the bench…Warner got released from the Rams and the Giants and played backup to rookies. Instead of being a “poor sport” and bringing his team down like T.O does every week, he took it like a man and made those rookie quarterbacks better. And remember, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle got cut from the baseball team at North.

When you are striving to get into a certain college…Warner was bagging groceries in his mid-20’s. I mean sure that’s cool if your life-long goal is to bag groceries, but don’t plan on living too luxurious. Instead of being satisfied with bagging groceries, Warner worked really hard in minor football programs hoping for that shot to make it to the NFL which he finally got. So instead of settling for that community college, why not work hard in school to get good grades so maybe you might just get accepted to Mizzou or Missouri State or whatever dream college you have.

When you are striving to get promoted at your job… Warner was the backup quarterback here in St. Louis. Being the backup quarterback in the NFL is easier than slicing bread with the limited time you play. Most people did even know that the name “Kurt Warner” existed until Trent Green had a devastating injury in the preseason and Warner quickly got promoted. Within a year he had won a Super Bowl. So if your dream is to become the CEO of Walmart and are currently pushing carts, work hard because you never know what could happen.