In matchup of undefeated teams, Knights emerge victorious

On Monday, April 13, there was a Varsity girls soccer game at St. Dominic. Both teams were undefeated going into the game and only one was going to come out still being undefeated, and as many hoped,

it was the Knights. The Knights won with a 3-0 domination.

“I was really pumped and ready to play,” Breann Kinworthy said. “St. Dominic was undefeated and we were undefeated and I knew it was going to be a good game.”

The Varsity girls definitely have devoted fans because of their outstanding effort. Some fans go to the lengths of taking their shirts off in any kind of weather. The “topless trio” made up of juniors Austin Haywood, J.T. Thomas and Ryan Firle go to almost every game, take their shirts off and spell out FHN on their chests.

“[The girls] did really good,” Haywood said. “We pretty much kicked their butt.”

With the talent of the Varsity girls and the amount of devoted fans, winning is the only thing on everyone’s mind.

“The team works really well together,” Kinworthy said. “When we’re out on the field, we communicate well.”