Large squad seeks ‘best’ year

They line the track for every football and soccer game, standing at attention, awaiting
a team victory. They dress to impress, always in uniform, in and out of school. They have cheers projecting to the top corners of our bleachers.

Go. Go. Go. Go Knights!
To start the new and returning members’ spring breaks, Varsity cheerleading tryouts were held for the 2009-10 school year from March 9-12. Clinics were organized in the gym for the first three days, where the girls were taught a two-minute routine and various popular cheers. Individual tryouts were on Thursday, where each person was evaluated on their performances with the clinic routine and several chants.
“The competition was so stiff this year for tryouts,” Varsity head coach T’Neisha Harris said. “There was just such a big number of girls and so few spots open.”
With 24 total new members on the 2009-10 team, three of these members are incoming freshmen
and four are moving up from the JV squad. With these new members comes new obstacles for the team as a whole, positively and negatively.
Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight Knights!
“[New members] give our team variety,” junior Kayla Lanier said. “They may not know some things that we will have to teach them but they can also bring new ideas, new abilities, and new attitudes.”
As practices slowly begin throughout the month of April, all 24 girls must learn their own definition of being a team, especially after adding seven new members.   
“We need to not give up on each other when we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” incoming senior Brooke Johnson said.
Win. Win. Win. Win Knights!
“I can already tell how this group of girls is interacting so well with one another,” Harris said. “This year will be a good year, one of the best.”
Go. Fight. Win! Go Knights!