Martinez joins Varsity infield as freshman

When most kids try out for baseball their freshman year, making Varsity is only something they dream about. For freshman Braxton Martinez, this dream became reality as he indeed made the Varsity baseball team.

“I feel like I accomplished a lot just by making the Varsity team,” Martinez said. “Now I just hope I can contribute and do whatever it takes to help the team win.”
His “hope” has come true as he has taken his opportunities he’s earned and made the best out of them. He has a .357 batting average, is tied for the second most doubles on the team with three, and has six RBIs.
“Braxton is one of those unique players that you can put at any position and expect him to make the plays,” junior Zack Short said. “He is an intelligent hitter and has a keen eye for the ball.”
Perhaps what makes Martinez’s story even more of an accomplishment is that he made the team during a year in which the team is “stacked.” The team is off to a fast start with a 7-2 record, beat DeSmet, a top-10 team in the area, and beat rival Zumwalt South, a team that was undefeated when the Knights played them.
“Our team’s expectations are very high,” Short said. “We go out everyday and expect to make the other teams look bad and we expect to dominate.”
With these high expectations, the team has goals of winning districts, sectionals, and eventually making it to State. And with the leader of their high-octane offense, junior Robby Friedlein, playing so well, these goals are very realistic. He ranks at the top of nearly all major hitting categories: the highest batting average, the highest slugging percentage, and the most RBIs in the entire area. With many skilled leaders on the team constantly by his side, Martinez will have more than enough time to become a leader himself as well.
“I think Martinez is a good kid and ball player,” Varsity head coach Dunahue said. “He just needs to be patient; he will have many opportunities to impress and I think he will make the most out of them.”