Freshmen lose debut game vs. FZN

baseballjvThe freshman baseball team lost the opening game scoring only two runs against FZN. The loss was a disappointment to parents and fans that came out to watch the game. Other fans, looked at the loss as an opportunity to learn.


“It’s unfortunate but we have many other games,” Katy Toebben, who attended the game, said.

The first scheduled game was set for March 22 at St. Charles West, the rain that day caused it to cancel. The next assigned game was a home game on March 24. It would be the boy’s first chance to play together and act as a team on the field. With less then a month to prepare the team Coach Matthew Riffee did his very best.

“It’s always fun to see freshman play their first high school game,” Riffee said.

The team started the game in the outfield with Jake Shollar, number 23, catching, and Jeremy Warden, number 59, as the starting pitcher. The FZN Warriors scored eight runs by the end of the first inning, home team scoring only one.


At the bottom of the fifth another run was scored setting the score at 2-8. One play was with North in the outfield, and the batter up hits a grounder. Player catches it, throws to Shollar tagging the runner out at home, then throws to first getting the hitter out, leaving the crowd riled up.

“They were all cheering and getting into the game,” Toebben said.

For not having a lot of time as a team to prepare, they played and worked well together. To prepare, the team does rigorous drills, with constant support and correction from the coach. They do excercises such as, soft toss hitting, throwing, running, and stretching.

“I’ll prepare myself by practicing day and night and doing different drills for catching and hitting,” Shollar said.

The team has an alert defense, and a strong offensive side, but they still had the occasional mistakes that happen during any first game when players tend to be excited and nervous.

“Oh yeah, all of them are excited, no doubt,” Aaron Smith, pitcher, said.

There are sixteen more freshman games this year that students, parents, and just overall fans of baseball look forward to.