Mr. Olive-arrows

MattOliverosJunior Matt Oliveros, a.k.a. “Olive-arrows”, entered into the 2009-2010 Mr. FHN competition
with a open mind and attitude. Oliveros entered the competition supporting the To write love on her arms charity, which is a organization that is non-profit, which aims to present hope for people struggling with self injury thoughts of suicide, depression, and addiction.


” I enjoyed raising money for charities mostly because I like to be helpful. The whole time in Mr. FHN I wasn’t focused on winning I was mainly focused on raising money.” Oliveros said

Mr. FHN consisted of a group dance where the contestants came together to do a routine to the song
“One and a million” by Busson they later the contestants had to do their own individual performance at the talent show round, Oliveros talent was dancing to “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus.

” I thought it was funny, I didn’t know Matt was quite the dancer.” Mr. FHN advisor Jaine Wilkins said.

Despite this being Oliveros first year as a FHN contestant he shows great promise for next year. This may have been his first time with the guys but they bonded and got through the tough times of dance rehersal, the achievement was they all came out as champions in the end.