Grone, Schroer rivalry strengthens team

For many, competition fuels a drive to win. It inspires others to do better.

This year, the competition in girls cross country has reached a new high. This rivalry is concentrated between senior Coleen Grone and junior Brianna Schroer.

“I don’t feel like we compete against each other as much as we both work together to beat the competition, sure we tend to race in practice and always want to come in first, but I think it makes us stronger and want to work harder together so we can do well in the season and make it to state,” junior Brianna Schroer said.

“I think they have a healthy competition between them,” coach Beth Phillips said. “They push each other and work together to improve”

Both Schroer and Grone plan on placing high in the Conference, District and Sectional meets, but their number one goal is to make it to State.

“I’m hoping to come out and destroy the competition,” Grone said.

Not only do these runners compete with each other to improve, but they push younger runners to work hard as well. Grone and Schroer focus on being role models, even though competition is a major focus of their career as runners.

“They have come together really nicely,” Phillips said. “Everyone has really acted like a team, so it’s a nice team atmosphere.”

Lindsay Harms