Instead of reducing, recycling program expands

Approximately 15 years ago, the recycling program started at North. When it started in 1996, only paper, plastics and bottles were collected. Now, the program has expanded to include the collection of paper, plastics, bottles, clothing, ink cartridges and cell phones. By recycling these items North comes back with a small profit, the ink gets refilled, the clothing reused and the trash reduced.

“We have to mail cell phones and ink cartridges- you can take those to the office- and paper goes out onto the lot by the library,” recycling leader Robin Yuede said.

The district just recently expanded recycling to cell phones, ink cartridges and clothing.

Now that the district has expanded to those items, there is a separate bin other than the standard ones used for the paper. Many teachers like the idea of North being a green school and recycling all of the items that are used by students and teachers that used to be casually thrown away.

“I think we were green before green was fashionable,” Yuede said.

Diane Fingers is one of many teachers who find recycling at home to be important. She even buys green products every now and again. Fingers encourages recycling to her students and in her home life. Her and her family recycle paper, plastics, cardboard and tin. Many teachers don’t even think about recycling anymore.

“It’s a habit now,” Fingers said.

Our school has been recycling for over 15 years now and by expanding what can be recycled its opening new opportunities for our school to be environmentally friendly. It sets a example for students and their families to be environmentally conscience.

By: Katy Toebben