Varsity spikes into high gear

This past season, the Varsity girls Volleyball team claimed the title of District Champions. Most teams would be satisfied with a 11-5 record and making it to sectionals; however, this only made the team determined to work harder.

“We played incredibly hard and played to the best of our ability,” junior Erin Powelson said. “With all of the training and team strength we have built, it is sure to be another intense match this year.”

Over summer the girls stepped it up to improve for this year. While friends were outside swimming, these girls were inside a sticky gym, training hard. As a team they attended a Lindenwood camp, two Licking Volleyball Camps, and the school camp.

“The camps got me physically and emotionally ready for the season,” junior Maggie Curran said. ”They pushed me to do my best.”

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning they had a two hour workout and open gym session. The girls believe that with all this training, they will have a very successful season ahead of them.

“We’ve been practicing a lot over the summer and since the school year has started,” junior Katie Dozier said. “The more you practice the better you’ll be.”

The team believes that they’re ready for this challenging season and have done everything they can to prepare. The next home game will be played on Sept. 16.

“They are working hard everyday,” coach Robin Yuede said. “Every game is a challenge, we do not take any team for granted.”

Sarah Teson