Senior Night for Varsity football

Senior Night followed the last Varsity football game against Francis Howell Central on Oct. 29. As the night went on, the temperature and the score of the game started to decrease but not the seniors enthusiasm. One of the activities band undertook was a party afterward.

“There was a Senior Night party for band, we went to to the city museum. The city museum [was my favorite part],” said senior Tommy Roam.

Even during the game there were some contributions to the Seniors.

“They had posters of every senior football player with their pictures and stuff on it,” said sophomore Ellen Cracraft.

When asked if they incorporated enough of the senior stuff into the game the outcome was partial.

“There could have been more stuff, like there could have been announcements at half time where they could have given a brief description of the senior players,” said Cracraft.

But when asked to a senior he disagreed.

“No I thought the senior stuff was enough.” said Roam.

By Tori Therrien