Students react to new science rooms

Story By: Kayla Lewis | Video By: Christina DeSalvo

On August 8, school opened with a day of firsts for students and science teachers. Finally, after more than three years of planning and building, the new science wing has been completed and open for use. After a week of use, many students and teachers are coming to enjoy the updated classrooms.

“I think the wing is awesome,” Donna Malkmus said. “There’s a lot more room, space, and students are not so crammed.”

The new hall has moved a few science teachers from their old rooms, but only to insure them larger, more sizeable rooms that can accommodate more students, and were compliant with state safety regulations. The teachers that were moved to the new wing are Karen Hill, Donna Malkmus, Laura Montgomery, and Chris Dalton.


“The rooms are great,” Karen Hill said. “It allows me to do more labs. I’m doing my second one this week. The labs are a good way for the students to learn


The new science rooms not only match what the teachers want in a learning environment, but also seem to match what the students want too.

“The students really like them,” Hill said. “It’s a new room. I think when a room’s new people feel like the class is more important, therefore, the room gains proper respect.”