District Installs Wireless Internet Connection

Many people have mistaken the new lights and cameras on the ceiling smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. However, they are used for wireless Internet connection.
Over the summer, FHSD worked to install wireless Internet access in the schools. This allows teachers, students, and other patrons to connect to the school server from their own personal devices. Last year, teachers were assigned wireless laptops. Now, they can go anywhere in the building and still be connected to the server.

“The other day, I was in the auditorium all day and, with the wireless Internet, I was able to get work done,” choir instructor Lorraine Smith said. “You’re not limited to where you can gather a group of people around the computer. You can be in the commons and still have Internet connection.”

According to Jackie Gizzie of the Technology Committee, the District talked about implementing wireless connection for some time. The Board allowed the district to lease the connections in order for everything to be installed at one time.

Building Technician Larry Tate said the wireless connectors will save the district money. “It’s going to save a lot of money in the long run [by] not having the expense of the hardwired drops.”

According to Tate, hard-wire drops cost about $150 each. Without the wireless connection, the district would have had to install new drops for every computer. For example, one of the special education rooms had six laptops, but only one drop. This would have caused a problem before the school had wireless access because five more drops would have had to been installed.
Students also benefit from the wireless connection. They will be able to log on to the server from the guest log in from anywhere in the school.

“[I think] it’s a good thing,” sophomore Courtney Vishy said. “If you need help on something, you can just look it up then and there without having to go home or to the library.”