Cheerleaders’ Chance

With her spirit in tow, junior Miata Walker traveled to New York City over Thanksgiving break to cheer in the Macy’s Day parade. Walker was given this opportunity after she was named All-American. In New York City, she was one of 1,200 other cheerleaders from across the country participating in the parade.

“It was a dream of mine to go to NYC,” Walker said. “It was a great opportunity, and I would love to get the award again so I could go back.”

Ever since she was little, Walker was interested in cheerleading. She remembers going to her brothers’ basketball games and watching the cheerleaders. Her parents would cheer her on while she mimicked the cheerleaders’ every moves.

Walker now cheers on FHN’s Varsity Cheerleading squad. This past summer she attended a high school cheer camp held at Southeast Missouri State University. During this camp, cheerleaders are judged on a series of jumps, motions and cheers. On the last day of camp, Walker was chosen as All-American.

“She has all the skills and the personality of an All-American cheerleader,” coach Karla Holland said.

Walker’s trip to New York City also affected her team back at FHN. Her teammates say she inspires them to reach their full potential and stresses a positive attitude.

“Miata is very spirited,” Allie Medlin said. “No one deserved it more than she did.”