Hurrell named Mr. FHN

Senior Jake Hurrell was given the title of Mr. FHN on May 10 at this annual male beauty pageant.

“The winning was awesome, but the funnest part was being with all the guys,” Hurrell said. “That was awesome.”

For his talent, Hurrell performed an original interpretive dance with footballs.

“I thought it was pretty awesome,” senior Lauren Kopf said. “He did a perfect toe touch. He almost got Alex Bolte in the face [with a football]. That was good.”

Another factor contributing to Hurrell’s win was the money he raised for charity. Each Mr. FHN contestant raised money for the American Cancer Society in honor of math teacher Patty Bartell. In total, over $1,400 was raised. Hurrell raised $353.59, more than any other contestant. Because of this, Hurrell received extra points during the judging process, pushing him to win.

“I think he definitely got a really high score for the charity aspect,” judge Jani Wilkens said. “I think one thing that is interesting is that John Hallemeier got some great scores from the judges, but the money got so many points that he didn’t win.”

For winning Mr. FHN, Hurrell received $200 prize money. First runner up Nick Pirrone received $100, second runner up Zach Ksiazek received $50, and Mr. Congeniality Nick Ponche received $25.