Learning The Fundamentals

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Over the past two weeks, boys grades 5-12 have been participating in basketball camp to prepare them for the basketball season. With the instruction from varsity coach, Bill Moyer, the boys have been absorbing the knowledge of basic fundamentals.

“The sooner they learn the fundamentals, the better.” Moyer said.

Moyer describes the camp as 90% fundamentals, which include charge drills, passing, dribbling, screening, and team and individual defense. During the high school camp, players learn about team fundamentals, whereas the 5th-8th grade camp learns the basics.

“This year we are switching to a man on man defense instead of the zone defense that we had.” Varsity player Andrew Raguini said.

Current varsity players said they knew what to expect during this camp, but the new players were timid. However, they feel that this camp has helped them tremendously.

Written by: Kelsey Schaffrin and Ashley Flerlage