Girls Tennis GAC Day Three Recap

By Brenda Alvarado

After three days of tennis, FHN finished second to Howell.

“They[ GACs] were crazy at times between writing down scores and keeping track of which team and what number was up next and what court,” freshman Aadie Heigl said. “There was ups and downs but overall I think it was a good experience. It was fun to get out there and just play tennis!”

The final day consisted of single matches.  Sophomore Risa Takenaka took first place in the number one Varsity singles. Senior Kerry Moriarty got fourth place in the number two singles. In the number three singles,senior Jackie Jorel took second.  Junior Kelsey Schaffrin took fourth in the number four singles. Taking second in the number five singles was senior Jasmine Wahlbrink. Junior Megan Oostendorp took first in the Varsity number six singles.

Missing it only by a few points this year, next year coach Kate Kleiber hopes the girls win the title of GACs champions.

“We will work harder and next year will be our victory,” Kleiber said.