Snowcoming Pep Assembly Recap

By Holly Tate

On Friday, Jan. 25, StuCo held the annual Snowcoming Pep Assembly in the gym. Students dressed in class colors red, green, purple, and blue piled into the gym at 9:30, waiting for the emcees to begin the assembly.

Senior Deann Krufal chants her class number, "1-3." (photo by Murphy Riley)
Senior Deann Krufal chants her class number, “1-3.” (photo by Murphy Riley)

“I was excited but I didn’t know if it was going to be as enthusiastic as the Homecoming assembly,” sophomore Surbhi Patel said.

When everyone was settled, emcees Drew Landherr, Andy Bartell, Sam Kuntz, and Braxton Perry introduced each other to the crowd, then started the parade of athletes. The parade of athletes is the part of the assembly when winter sports teams walk into the gym together.

“The parade of athletes is important because it makes everyone feel like a part of their team and it shows the school’s athletic spirit,” senior Tori Therrien said.

After the parade of athletes, the games began. Four students from each grade came down to the gym floor to participate in an obstacle course. Each student spun around in a circle with a plastic bat on their forehead five times, then ran down the gym floor around cones.

“I don’t think everyone spinned enough but it was really funny anyway and the juniors won so that was cool,” junior Mikayla Weiss said.

Freshman and JV cheerleading performed after the first game, but Varsity could not perform due to an injury.

“The seniors were really upset because it was their last pep assembly and they didn’t get to perform, and we worked really hard at the last practice to get a good routine so it was really disappointing,” Varsity cheerleader Abbey Carpenter said.

The second game StuCo put on was a Just Dance competition between teachers. Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Maher faced off before Mr. Santos and Mr. Wright, and then the winners, Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Wright, competed in an “old school” dance-off.

“It was funny but I think some students should have participated as well,” junior Danielle Worsham said.

JV Knightline performed, followed by Varsity Knightline. Varsity performed their routine they prepared for their National competition. After the Knightline performances, Studline took the floor. The routine consisted of a “human pendulum,” senior Kendrick Gaussoin being thrown high into the air, and much more.

“I thought Studline was really good,” junior Gabby Jones said. “I liked when they threw Kendrick in the air, that was really cool.’

To bring the assembly to an end, the emcees announced Snowcoming Court and put on a slideshow of student-submitted pictures from the year.

“The slideshow is a good way to end pep assemblies because it tends to create a much more relaxed atmosphere following the hype of a pep assembly. It makes it much easier to transition back to sitting in a class,” senior Sam Scopel said.