Preparing for Prom in Style: Prom Fashion Show 2013

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The Show Goes On

The wind whips through the bare trees as the steady snowfall covers the ground and continues to build up. It’s the first official snow day of the year and students and teachers enjoy a day off of school. However, the snow day is not convenient for everyone, as it just so happens to occur Feb. 21- the original day of FHN’s annual Prom Fashion Show.

The Junior Delegates and Drama teacher Jeff Tandler are prepared for this, though, and plan accordingly. The event is rescheduled for Feb. 27. The show must go on.

In order to reschedule, the Delegates must make a few phone calls and spread the word. They lose a few models due to conflicts, and they are not sure how the new date will affect the number of people who attend.

“Because of the weather, it’s a little touch-and-go, and people might not come,” Junior Class Vice President Morgan Tanksley said. “I am hoping we get a big turnout, but you never know- especially with this big loophole the weather’s thrown us.”

The Prom Fashion Show is an event designed to show off the latest fashions for prom and this year includes dresses from David’s Bridal, DEB, Wedding Gallery, and Cache, along with tuxes from Savvi. Thirteen juniors and 28 seniors, including a total of 10 boys,  model this year’s prom styles.

“It’s a fun way to see dresses because prom is coming up and to see what style you like, where you can get them, and prices,” Junior Class Treasurer Liz Mayer said.

The Junior Delegates, sponsored by Marissa Cohen, are in charge of the fashion show. The Junior Delegates also were responsible for getting donations from stores and coming up with door-prizes and raffle items. Audience members purchase raffle tickets for prom items ranging from a free bowling card to a free tuxedo rental or a basket of prom accessories.

Since the show is a fundraiser to make money for prom, the auditorium does not have many decorations besides balloons and table cloths to make as much of a profit as possible. What decorations they did put up follow this year’s prom theme, “An Unforgettable Night in Vegas.”

In order to participate, models had to sell five tickets to the show. Since it is first-come first-serve, most participants paid the $25 themselves and then sold the tickets late. Before the show, $675 had been raised, and with tickets also sold at the door, the Delegates hoped for a full house.

“I think it’s going to be successful because we have a lot of good donations,” Mayer said. “I think if we publicize it enough and get people excited, it will be a really good turnout.”

After all of the hard work put into the event, there is still hope for a sold-out show and a fun-filled night.

“I just think if we can get some money to go towards prom, and I think if students enjoy themselves it will make all the difference,” Cohen said.

Lost in the Moment

At around 6:30 p.m the auditorium begins to fill with people. The emcees, Junior Class President Caitlyn Gardner and Vice President Morgan Tanksley, rush around frantically with Cohen to ensure everything is ready for the show to start at 7. The models, dressed in their stunning prom attire, wait anxiously in the hallway by the theater. They take pictures, hang out, and wait for their time to shine.

“I like to wear dresses and I thought modeling would be a fun experience,” junior Natasha Kozak said. “I am mostly looking forward to the talent performances and seeing everyone in their pretty dresses.”

Meanwhile, audience members in the auditorium buy raffle tickets for the baskets and prizes; the anticipation builds everywhere- from the Delegates, to the models, to the onlookers.

Finally, just after 7 p.m., Cohen walks out on stage. She opens the floor, thanks the many sponsors who contributed to the show, and introduces Gardner and Tanksley. They each walk out in their stunning dresses from David’s Bridal. Door prize winners are called. The real show is about to begin.

Backstage, the escorts prepare to be introduced. As they hear their name, each boy struts out in their tux from Savvi Formalwear and pose.

“I am excited to rock my tux,” junior Ethan Bond said before the show.

Once all of the boys have been introduced, they individually venture backstage to escort a lovely young lady out to center stage. After interacting a little centerstage, the next girl is introduced and escorted out. With each new couple, more “oohs,” “ahhs,” cheers, claps, and giggles resonate from the crowd.

Every once in awhile, the show is interrupted by the emcees to announce more raffle winners, but it only takes a minute, and then the focus reverts back to the models.

Once all of the models are out on stage showing off their attire, it seems to be time to move on to the entertainment portion of the event. However, there are a few surprises in store, as some special guests are called on stage to model as well.

The first to be called out is Dean of Students Katie Greer escorted by Activities Director Mike Janes. Next comes Principal Darlene Jones escorted by Assistant Principal Andrew Downs. The crowd and students look upon their administrators in awe and everyone shares a few good laughs.

“It was fun just being a part of it and being there with everybody else dressed up,” Jones said. “It was fun being there as one of them and not necessarily as a principal. It was fun being dressed up and knowing that the students see you as someone willing to hang out with them and participate in something that they are doing. [The students] were surprised. Some of the guys did a double-take; I guess they didn’t expect the administrators to be there dressed up as they were.”

The Grand Finale

All of the models, adults and students alike, file backstage to prepare for the latter half of the fashion show- the entertainment. Students perform everything from pick-up lines, to dancing, to singing, to impersonations of bad girlfriends.

First, a few couples warm-up the crowd with some bad pick-up lines and advice on how to “get the girl.”

Then, the acts get a little more musical as multiple small groups dance to popular music. Each dance a little different from the next, always leaving the crowd laughing and smiling. Pairs like seniors Zach Ksiazek with Drew Landherr and Brenton Griffith with Kevin Weggenmann especially left the crowd laughing and smiling. There was also a singing act and other interpretations. The one thing that those participating in the show complain about is not being able to see the acts of their fellow classmates.

“I was impressed by the talents the students had,” Cohen said. “I thought they were all unique in their own ways.”

After the acts are complete, the audience is left in anticipation of what is yet to come. All of a sudden, senior Gabe Rosas walks on the stage, a little nervous. He walks to the microphone, a flower in his hand.

“Could I get Allie Medlin on the stage please?”

She walks out on stage, and everyone awaits what they know is about to happen.

“Will you go to prom with me?”

Medlin agrees and, after a quick hug onstage and some applause, they both walk back behind the curtain to finish the show.

A few seconds later, as the models come back onstage, they have no idea what is about to go down. There have already been quite a few surprises, but none of them expect what is next.

The emcees begin to announce the final winners of the raffle prizes which takes a few minutes. The winners cheer from their seats and models get excited when their family members win. Once they finish, everyone expects the show to be over.

But then Tanksley announces something: “The last thing we need to do this evening is crown our Prom King and Queen of 2013.”
And everyone stirs. Quick whispers. Confused looks everywhere. Small statements of protest arise from some people. Some assume she misspoke. One thing is certain though- everyone is alert and attentive now.

Tanksley and Gardner continue. “Dr. Jones would you come out onto the stage please?”

Jones, oblivious to what is about to happen, enters merrily through the curtain and awaits further instruction.

“Our Prom Queen, everyone.”

The look on Jones’s face is priceless as the truth sets in. She has just been named Prom Queen. Someone brings out a crown and it is placed on her head. Jones, evidently overjoyed, gets a large applause from the whole crowd.

Next, Janes is named Prom King and crowned as well. Finally, at around 8 p.m., with all of the surprises and excitement over, the models exit the stage, the winners claim their prizes, and the Delegates pride themselves on an overall successful night.

“I was surprised that they named me Queen of the Prom Fashion Show,” Jones said. “That’ll be something I will remember forever. It’s my last year and these last times- I love all of them. I try to cherish them a little bit more.”

When All is Said and Done

The show is finally over and all of the models change back into their normal clothes. The Delegates take about 30 minutes to finish cleaning up and to take care of whatever is left to take care of.

“Overall the fashion show went pretty smoothly and people were entertained throughout the show,” Cohen said. “I think this evening went a lot smoother than expected. I thought it went really well. The students did well at improvising when need-be. I think the best part was seeing all of the students getting ready for prom; it makes me excited for April 20.”

Jones agrees with the success of the show.

“It went above my expectations,” Jones said. “I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The people in the audience I think were impressed with how pretty our girls were and how handsome our guys were. Being there with Mr. Downs, now that I know he is going to be the next principal, I wanted him to feel like he was a part of everything and feel what it’s like to be the principal- to be there with the students. I’m there to have fun live everybody else, and this is why we wanted to do this tonight, so we could just be there and have fun.”

The sponsors Cohen talked to were also impressed with the show.

“I feel like sponsors were pretty satisfied that we maintained a professional show,” Cohen said.

Although many agree that the show was entertaining and successful, the Delegates were slightly disappointed in the turnout since they were hoping for a full house but did not get one.

“I feel like we expected a little more,” Cohen said. “But I believe we got a pretty good profit this evening.

The Delegates believe that the show was well worth all of the hard work they put into it. Cohen is also excited to learn from this show in order to improve next year’s. In all, a little over $1,000 was raised for Prom 2013.

“It was worth every effort,” Cohen said. “We were able to showcase local businesses, and the students enjoyed themselves. I learned structure and organization are without a doubt super important. You have to take things and run with it for next year.”

While the Delegates analyze this year’s show to address how it can be better managed next year, Jones just tries to enjoy her last Prom Fashion Show as principal the best she can.

“The whole thing is bittersweet,” Jones said. “I love the school; I love being here; I love my job, but it’s the right time for me to retire. But I will miss all of these things a lot. I like the students and the teachers, and that’s what I love here at North- all the great people. That’s the part that I will miss.”