Catching Fire In the Learning Commons

By Elisabeth Condon

The girl on fire returns to theaters this week and to celebrate the film’s release, the Learning Commons will host its book discussion on Catching Fire during seventh hour on Friday Nov. 22. Media specialists Angie Davis and Tara Willen will lead the discussion which will include an online Catching Fire quiz as well as food, games, and prizes.

“We’re going to have some delicious food that is kinda like food of the Capitol,” Davis said.

Students should stop by the learning commons to sign up for the book discussion before seventh hour on Friday.
Students can stop by the learning commons to sign up for the book discussion before seventh hour on Nov. 22.

Senior Daniece Tate is a member of Epsilon Beta as well as a fan of The Hunger Games series and plans on attending the book discussion during seventh hour.

“[I look forward to] food, prizes, and also getting to hear other people’s opinions about the book,” Tate said.

Students interested in participating in the Catching Fire book discussion can stop by the Learning Commons and put their name on a list to receive a pass that will excuse them from their seventh hour class. Davis and Willen will use the list of students to help determine how many supplies they will need for the book discussion. In addition to talking to others about Catching Fire, some students may also have the opportunity to receive extra credit in their English classes.

Two years ago, when the first Hunger Games movie came out, the Learning Commons held a book discussion that included bread from the Mallark’s bakery, “nightlock” berries, and a cornucopia game. Davis was really impressed with the first film directed by Gary Ross and is looking forward to Friday’s release of Catching Fire.

“I’m super excited about the movie,” Davis said. “It looks really cool. I can’t wait to see the book come to life.”