Blankenship To Take Assistant Principal Position Next School Year

By Michal Basford

In July, current Dean of Students Jeff Blankenship will be moving to the position of Assistant Principal.Blankenship

“He knows our building and knows many people here within our building, so it should be a fairly smooth transition,” Head Principal Andy Downs said. “He’s also aware of what our focus is as a school and what we’re striving to do within the contents of our school. I think the transition will be very easy for him and for the school. I think he’s got a lot of really strong skills that will help to improve the school.”

There won’t be much change around FHN as a result of this transition and Blankenship is aware of the focus of the administrative staff of FHN. Of the few changes that could occur, a new Dean of Students will be hired.

“The school may be a little more regulated,” sophomore Alyssa Gill said. “It isn’t guaranteed but it’s a possibility, depending on who it is.”

Specific roles of the administrative staff in the main office will be decided in July as Blankenship moves to his new position.

“I think he will work well with us teachers to make sure that we are doing our job correctly and at the most efficient level,” biology teacher Zachary Kling said. “In that same breath, I think he’s going to do a really good job of backing us up and disciplining kids when need be. I think it’s a very important relationship between the principals and the teachers.”

Starting in the 2015-16 school year, Blankenship will move into his new responsibilities and Downs anticipates that he will transition nicely into this position because of his communication skills and ease with parents and students.

“I think he will do a great job,” Downs said. “I think he’s good with kids, parents [and] faculty members. I think he has very good communication skills, really cares about people and really is poised and ready to do a good job here at Howell North.”