AP Exams Up Ahead

By Priscilla Joel

With AP Exams just around the corner, some students, including senior Emily Coonrod has not one, not two, not even three or four, but five AP Exams to prepare for.

“I think it’s definitely manageable, especially if you’re used to taking a lot of honors classes and that’s what I’ve been doing so it wasn’t hard to adjust to,” Emily said.

Emily is taking AP Calculus BC, AP Literature and Composition, AP Statistics, AP Psychology and AP Biology. While looking over the AP Exam schedule, Emily realized that she has each exam on a different day of the two testing weeks. Over the course of the two AP testing weeks, Emily will spend 14 hours and 15 minutes testing. Her longest exam is the AP Calculus exam which takes more than three hours.

“I’m probably most nervous about the week of, there’s not much time in between them to study so I’m gonna have to be prepared for all of them at once.”

Emily thinks that staying focused each and every single day is crucial to doing well on her exams.

“I think it’s just stressful and trying to get yourself to focus for that long, especially when the subjects are so different,” senior Kristen Potter said.

Emily also realized that the week of AP testing starts the Monday after Prom. However, since she has a day in between, she isn’t too worried.

“I wish it wasn’t, but it probably won’t affect me that much,” Emily said. “I will still have Sunday to do any last minute studying, but I am going to try to be finished before then.”

Emily has been reviewing for the exams all year. She studies for each individual test, then reviews over the material over the course of the school year. She also uses study books to help her prepare for the upcoming exams.

“The classes themselves aren’t that hard, but you really have to study if you want to do well on the AP Exam,” senior Allison Miller said.

By doing well on the AP Exams, Emily hopes to graduate college earlier and skip over the general education classes that are required by them. Emily believes that starting to study early on will help her be fully prepared to perform well on her exams.

“I’m more nervous about studying for all of them than the exams themselves because once you get into the exam, you know that you’ve done all you can,” Emily said.