A Look Into This Years Mr. FHN

By Jessica Biondo

Mr.FHNPick-up lines, talents, formal wear, and group dances. This is what the annual Mr. FHN male beauty pageant will look like this year. There are 13 contestants, ranging from “Mr. Northstar” to “Mr. Debate.” The event will take place in the auditorium at 7 p.m. on April 17. Tickets cost $5 and can be bought at the door before the event.

“I couldn’t come up with a name and Mrs. Smith yelled at me, ‘Be Mr. Choir!’” junior Chris Bounds said.

Many of the boys chose to represent a club or activity that they participate in, while others just keep their own name as their title. For each section of the pageant the boys are awarded points, and whoever collects the most points wins. The boys are awarded points for the best pick-up line, how well they sell their casual and formal wear, and they are awarded up to 20 points for their talent. The talents range from dancing to sandwich making. Many contestants chose talents that represent their titles. For example, Mr. Choir is singing and Mr. Drama is acting. Matthew Riffee, Emily Brasher, Ashton Sewing, Sean Fowler, and Angie Davis, teachers at North, were selected to judge the event.

“I’m looking most forward to having a good turn out in the crowd considering how hard the boys have been working,” teacher Jani Wilkens said.

The boys practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school, and some have been rehearsing at home on their own time. Seniors Sydney Datlow and Lauren Martinez, Knightline members, have been teaching the boys moves for their opening dance. Senior Ariel Kirkpatrick did a photoshoot with the boys, and blew up the photos with their titles to be posted in the commons. Many people have put hours of work into ensuring a good turnout for this event.

“I’m raising money for Give Kids The World Foundation because my church went on a mission trip four years ago and I really liked what they did,” senior Stone Birkner said.

One of the biggest factors in point total is how much money the boys raise for the charity of their choice. Most contestants chose to raise money for The American
Cancer Society, but some boys chose an organization that held a different significance to them. Birkner’s foundation up keeps an amusement park for terminally ill kids who can’t go to Disney World.

“I think it will be very hilarious and very fun,” Birkner said. “We have gotten very close as a group and everyone gets along. We all just play off each other really well and I think you can tell no matter what, we are having a good time on stage together.”