Junior ACT Test Coming Up

By Michal Basford

April 28, juniors will take the ACT in the upper level classrooms as part of the state assessment plan.

actnoteoc “I hope they get a taste of what the ACT is like,” Building Test Coordinator Chris Birch said. “Most of them are going to take it again. About a third of them have taken it already. It’s a good exposure for our students.”

On the day of the test, there will be no bells until the end of sixth hour. All other students will have their regular classes. Teachers with classes on the upper floor will be moved to different rooms on the two lower floors of the building.

“For all of our students, we hope that they realize it’s just a test and there are ways to beat the test if they’re willing to put forth the effort to learn those skills and practice them,” ACT Prep teacher Dawn Jones said.

Compared to last year, about the same percentage of juniors are taking the ACT, approximately 98 percent.

“We looked at logistics of classrooms and went to various committees within the building to get some feedback,” Birch said. “We believe it will be a very solid model for our juniors.”

An ACT Prep class is available for juniors. This year, Pam Stratton covers the math and science portions, and Dawn Jones covers the English and reading sections. There are outside sources available to help students prepare for the test such as Sylvan which offers a practice version of the test.

“I hope they remember all of the strategies, all the techniques we’ve learned,” ACT Prep teacher Pam Stratton said. “Stop before they start a certain section. For example, science. Before they begin the science section, start, think about the strategies, how they want to use their personal order of difficulty, how they are going to decide which passage they are going to use right away.”

The next ACT test date is June 13. More information on class locations during the ACT can be found below.