Students, Teachers Anticipate Knights of the Round Table


By Alexis Rowe, Photographer

This year’s Knights of the Round Table ceremony will be held on Feb. 25 in FHN’s gymnasium at 6 p.m. The Knights of the Round Table awards are among the most honorable awards students at FHN can receive. The awards are given to students by their teachers. The teachers award their students for their hard work in their classes. Every teacher has the opportunity to give a student an award. Students can receive this award at any point of their high school career. The students are told they are nominated for the award, but they are not told which teacher nominated them until the night of the ceremony.

“Usually, I look for someone who is very involved and also active in the classroom,” chemistry teacher Chris Witthaus said.

Students and their families join in the gymnasium the night of the awards as the students are lined up to receive the awards. The teachers sit in the gym as well and wait to meet the students they have nominated. Each student receives a medal to represent the award. Last year, 54 students received awards from their teachers.

“It was such an honor to be accepted for this,” award recipient Maddy Wood said. “I was really happy to see it. Now, I’m excited to see which teacher nominated me.”